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Dental impressions are used to make sure that new crowns and bridges will align properly with your bite and feel natural in your mouth.

Our goal is to create a mold that is as close to the original as possible, so we can then create a crown or a bridge that fits perfectly and feels natural without irritating the inside of your mouth.

The traditional way to make a dental impression was with a special “goopy” material that the dentist would mix up and place on the teeth with an appliance. This material would then harden and create a relatively reliable impression of the tooth or the teeth.

It wasn’t exactly what one could call a pleasant experience, and a lot of dental patients get nervous about the procedure.

Now, though, dental technology is advancing and it’s possible to take fast and extremely accurate impressions without using an ounce of uncomfortable impression material.

Better Impressions Lead to Better Crowns

In order to get the best fit, appearance, and occlusion for crowns and bridges, a precise and detailed impression is paramount.

Flawless restorations start with flawless impressions. You can get results that look more natural and feel better in place, and you won’t even have to spend near as much time in the chair. This technology makes the process of taking the impression and placing the restoration much faster and much more accurate.

iTero Digital Impressions

We currently use an iTero machine to take digital impressions of your teeth in preparation for crowns and bridges. It completely eliminates the need to use the old “goop” that patients really don’t like, and we can use the system with anyone (even patients who would otherwise be prone to gagging).

Now, those old worries about dental impressions really are a thing of the past. There are no voids, no distortions, and, most importantly, no retakes – or at least no need to put a patient through a second round of old-fashioned impression material.

Immediate Results

Another reason we use these digital impressions is the immediate results they provide. Once the scan is complete, a digital model will be generated so we can see exactly what the device was able to capture. This will also help us see if we need to scan something again.

The immediate results are also fun for the patients. They can see their own teeth in a new light, as it were.

We can use these images to help each patient understand their options for a treatment plan. Many dentists use these images to show the progress of cosmetic procedures so patients can see how their teeth will gradually straighten over time. We can show you how the crowns or bridges will be placed in your mouth, and how the bit will feel just like it always has.

A Comfortable and Fast Option

Digital scanning technology has made dental impressions a far more comfortable experience for our patients.

The time of the procedure is greatly shortened, and we can go from scan to completed crown faster than ever. The iTero machine can also work with a number of systems, and it can connect directly to orthodontic labs where they can create your custom restoration.

When we receive these crowns, they require very little or no adjustments before we place them. This technology creates impressions without the distortion or margin inaccuracies that the traditional and uncomfortable goopy method was prone to. And that means you can get in, get a proper restoration, and start smiling again in no time.