rebuilding after harvy

Hurricane Harvey did a great number on our great state of Texas. As news about Harvey has since subsided, the rebuilding effort has only just begun. Even though the hurricane is long gone, there is still a long road to recovery ahead.

While our dental office was spared, there are many residents in surrounding communities still picking up the pieces of their forever-changed lives. Slowly receding flood waters has postponed the start of some rebuilding efforts.

It is hard to imagine losing everything like many of our neighbors have. In the midst of great loss, however, it is often best to move on and establish a normal routine.

Getting back into one’s normal routine can boost one’s energy, and shift one’s attitude from negative to positive. Routines give a sense of normalcy that reminds us that there is hope for tomorrow and that we’re not done.

How can families adopt their normal routines when they are still living out of suitcases and are in either hotels or homes of family members or friends?

Some ideas include setting a bedtime and setting an alarm in the morning. Go to work or take the kids out (if the school is still closed). Clean, get dressed, do chores, wash clothing, run necessary errands, brush your hair and teeth.

Some of these are better suited for those staying either at an extended stay hotel, apartment or at a friend’s or family member’s house, but routines can be established regardless of your current place of residency.

As small as these routine things are, they help keep you and your family grounded in a time of hardship and uncertainty.

Many people find peace, hope and comfort by continuing to do the same routines they were doing before disaster hit.

Times of uncertainty and chaos creates stress. Stress has a negative impact on one’s health, mind and attitude. An overwhelming amount of stress can make you unproductive and paralyzed, which can keep you from doing the necessary steps in rebuilding your family’s lives.

We would like to help our impacted neighbors not only rebuild their homes, but also rebuild their lives by helping them feel better and help them reestablish their routines.

This not only establishes a sense of normalcy, but it improves one oral and overall health and helps patients feel more secure and relaxed.

It is understandable that thinking of one’s oral health is a low priority amid recovering from a devastating disaster. However, postponing needed dental care can lead to more expensive and extensive dental care in the future.

A change in eating habits and dental hygiene likely has compromised oral health, increasing the need for professional dental care.

A clean, healthy smile also makes patients feel better and it boosts their overall health.  Many patients overlook the fact that the condition of their mouth correlates with that of the health of the rest of their body. Poor oral health, for example can be a symptom of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Rebuilding our communities will take time, but recovery will happen.

In the meantime, let us at Michael Macaluso DDS help you and your family get back to normalcy and give you the energy, optimism, hope and motivation to begin anew. Simply call us today to schedule an appointment.