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Dental crowns are tooth-shaped prosthetic covers that are placed over damaged teeth to protect from further damage and help restore the natural look and function. They can be used in cases of severe chipped or broken teeth, in situations where a filling is insufficient, to covered the exposed area of a tooth following a root canal or to fix alignment or cosmetic issues.
Think of a dental crown like a protective shield that’s placed over a damaged tooth giving it new structure and esthetic, with minimal surgical intervention. Crowns are also used on top of implants to give the appearance and function of a natural tooth. 

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A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge consists of an artificial tooth or teeth that are connected to a set of crowns that are placed on surrounding teeth or implants to hold the bridge in place permanently. Bridges can help patients replace one or several missing teeth, and prevent further complications associated with missing teeth.

Missing teeth are far more than just an cosmetic issue. They can lead to a host of dental problems including difficulty eating, gum disease, loss of jawbone and more. Remaining teeth can shift because of the gap created from missing teeth. Shifting teeth can also cause temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder, or TMJ.

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Other services include:

Other services include: